Saturday, January 03, 2009

Vacation – Day Fifteen

Today has been one of those days that’s hard to really classify. It was a good day, in the sense that the weather was nice and I got a few things done. But it was a bad day for Reyna, and that makes it a bad day for the rest of us. Before I get into that, though, a funny story…

The pups and I had been out in the back yard, and when we came in we discovered that Mikey had pushed open the hall door again. He’s been doing that a lot lately, and I think it’s because it’s a lot quieter in the living room than he’s used to, so he thinks it’s safe to come out. Of course, if he spots a dog, he runs, and they chase. It’s just how things are. But I digress. So, Reyna saw the open hall door and immediately ran for the bedroom. I guess everyone was feeling rambunctious today, because when I got to the bedroom, what I saw made me wish I’d stopped for the video camera. Reyna was crouched with her butt up in the air, tail wagging frantically, her head wedged as far underneath the bed as she could get it. She was so distracted by whoever she was watching that she apparently didn’t realize that Belle was standing beside her, swatting her repeatedly. As I was moving Belle away with my foot and scruffing Reyna to get her away from the bed, Duncan ran by me around to the other side of the bed. That had to be one of the worst decisions he’s ever made. He managed to get himself wedged in the corner between the wall and the bed, trapped by Loki. I was calling Duncan to get him out of the bedroom, and I could see he was trying to come but he kept stopping. And then I saw Loki try to jump on the bed. He snagged the pillow, though, and overbalanced and fell back to the floor. Duncan rose up and looked like he was considering trying the same route – getting out of the corner by going over the bed. But then Loki jumped up again and made it that time (and put a large hole in my quilt, too). Once Loki was out of the way, Duncan headed for the safety of the hallway. Neither pup ever actually snapped at any of the cats – the only damage was a scratch to Reyna’s nose. Loki was in a foul mood for quite a while afterwards. I think his ego was injured. The look on Duncan’s face during his part of the incident was absolutely hilarious. And I can’t believe Reyna never noticed Belle, because if the amount of dog fur on the floor was any indication, Belle was definitely making contact.

And now, back to Reyna. I’m not sure, but I think she may have had a seizure last night. I heard some horribly familiar noises, but by the time my brain processed them and I got from the bedroom to the living room, they had stopped. Reyna seemed rather agitated, though. And today, she was anxious and upset most of the day and some of her behavior was a bit…off. For example, at one point this evening, I caught her growling at her foot. Now, I don’t know if she thought her foot needed to be growled at, or if she just happened to be looking at her foot while she was growling about something else. Either way, that’s not typical behavior for her. So, now we wait and watch, and see if anything else happens.

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Anonymous said...

That would have made a great clip for You-tube!!! Hope Reyna is doing better today!!! Love you, Mom