Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not As Urghy

The week is almost over (glory, hallelujah!) and has actually gone fairly well. The testing has been successful in the sense that our equipment works and the problems have all been proven to be caused by other vendors’ equipment or firmware. So, our customers are happy with us, and that’s taken a lot of the stress away. We still have about a day and a half left for the customer to play and try to break the system (less if they decide to leave early tomorrow), but today has been a lot less intense. We even managed to get out of here at 6:00 last night. Our visitors are going to the hockey game tonight, which means we have a great excuse to get them out of the building by 5:30.

The pups had a blast at day camp on Tuesday, and they’re back there again today. One of the girls at the PetHotel told me that Duncan played soccer with her and another dog for nearly an hour Tuesday afternoon. Naturally, Duncan was the goalie. When I called to check on them today during lunch, the girl said that Duncan had been playing soccer again and that Reyna spent quite a bit of the morning playing with several other dogs. This is a very good thing, because I desperately need Reyna to be a bit more chilled out than usual tonight. Of course, I also need some time at home during daylight hours, because the yard could really use a good scooping.

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Anonymous said...

Happy customers....good! Happy puppies....even better!!!! :) Mom