Monday, January 19, 2009

A Six Cat Night

This past weekend was definitely a chilly one. Based on the animals, I’d say Friday night was the coldest. Mind you, I was perfectly comfortable with my heated mattress pad, flannel sheets, quilt and afghan. The cats, not so much. I think they decided they were too far away from the heated mattress pad, because when I woke up at 3:00 am, I discovered that my afghan was on the floor. And I was trapped. Belle was tucked up on my left side, Loki was curled up beside my head, Parm was wedged in my lower back, and the other were all at my feet (one on each side, and the third between my feet). Its probably a good thing they’d pulled the afghan off the bed. If that had still been on top of me, I probably would have been roasting.

My poor little heat pump had a rough time with the temps, too. Saturday morning, the temperature was still 55 in the house when I got up - it should have been 64 by then. When I realized we weren’t making any progress, I turned on the fireplace and put a big pot of water on the stove (its better than a humidifier, since it also adds heat). By 11:00, the temperature was back to normal.

Mary came over for a day of cropping Saturday. I think she made some progress with her stuff, and I finally finished my Germany/France book from 1993. Now I can go back to focusing on Hawaii. I admit, I took too many pictures there. I’ve been very good at thinning the stack, though. For some reason, Reyna has decided that she won’t stay in the house with us when we crop. She kept to that Saturday, even though it was so cold outside. She had a very hard time with her hips over the weekend, poor girl, and I doubt lying around in the yard helped much. I convinced her to stay in for most of Sunday, though. We spent the day being lazy (not hard to do). She was still having trouble walking this morning, but hopefully she’ll be better when I get home.

Now, everyone cross your fingers and paws, and hope we get some decent snow tonight. I’ve already been told I can work from home (which I’d planned to do, anyway). I’d love to get some pictures of the pups playing in the snow this year.

These are my all-time favorite pictures of the pups in snow (notice Duncan in the background of the first picture):

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cats put out a lot of send me some snow!!!!! Love, Mom