Friday, January 30, 2009

Finally Over

Update: Okay, I didn't actually get to leave work until a few minutes before 5:00. But thats still a LOT earlier than I've left during the last few weeks. I even made it home before dark!

Its Friday afternoon, the customer is leaving, and I get to go home really soon! Yay! I’m so glad this week is done. All the free food was nice, but I really need a break. And some rest. Next week will be back to the usual insanity, but that’s no big deal. At least I can take my time getting into the office again and I’ll be able to leave when I want (for the most part).

The results of my not-so-scientific experiment are in – Reyna needs at least two visits to day camp before she gets to a tolerable (for me) energy level. Poor girl, she certainly won’t get that on a regular basis. The PetHotel folks told me last night that Duncan played soccer again for most of the day. Reyna apparently did most of her playing in the morning and spent more time relaxing during the afternoon. Duncan was comatose for most of the evening (no surprise there), and even Reyna was fairly relaxed. She was feeling good enough that we actually spent about 20 minutes retrieving the soccer ball last night, which is a game we haven’t played in a very long time. Paws crossed, she continues feeling this good for a long time. If nothing else, that would give me more time to save money for her surgery.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you and the puppies and kitties and Niko can spend a relaxing weekend for a change!!! :) Mom

Nana Net said...

Glad you got of work a little early. Also, that Reyna is doing better. I know that my Sadie Bella has issues with her hip too. But our vet recommended that we give her Glucosamine Chondritis pills for it. Which really have helped greatly.
Well enjoy the weekend with all of your furry babies.