Friday, January 16, 2009


Mom and Ronnie bought a PediPaws nail trimmer before Christmas to use on Sugar. It is essentially a low-power dremel tool with a cap to catch nail dust. It didn’t work like they’d hoped, so when I visited at Christmas, they gave it to me to use on the dogs. I’ve spent some time since then getting the dogs used to the noise and the general feel of the PediPaws, with moderate success. Duncan doesn’t like having it actually touch him while its on, but he’s interested in it and not scared of it. Reyna doesn’t want it anywhere near her and generally just shoots it dirty looks. Last night, I finally used it on Duncan’s nails. It works, in the sense that the nails I used it on are now shorter than they were when we started. The problem is that it is extremely slow to actually file the nails down, and anything more than just the slightest pressure from the nail causes it to stop spinning. I’m sure I could have eventually filed all of his nails down, but it would have taken a very long time. And the way the cap is shaped, its hard to get the edges of the nail or to see how far they’ve been filed down. This might work for a small or medium dog, but its just not powerful enough to really handle the thick nails of a big dog. On the upside, it does work as a light back massager.


Anonymous said...

yep.....Sugar liked it as a massager she likes to be vacuumed!!! What can I say...Pedipaws just doesn't live up to the way it's advertised...betcha I don't ever buy another one...:) :) :) Love, Mom

John Van said...

All we need to do is a *small* modification to your string trimmer. A gas powered pet nail trimmer. Yeah I can see it now....

Course Reyna may have to get used to a little more noise.