Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not A Good Sign

The pups are staying at the PetHotel while I'm in Denver this week. I normally schedule them for day camp when they board, just to keep them (Reyna) from going batty with lack of activity. This time, I scheduled Reyna for two group plays each day, instead of a full day of camp. I knew she wouldn't want to play all day, and I didn't want to pay extra for her to just lie around. I got a call a few hours ago from the PetHotel, telling me they had to pull Reyna out of this morning's playtime. Apparently, she started getting snappy at other dogs during her playtime yesterday afternoon, and they had to pull her out early. This morning, they had to pull her out very early, because she went past snappy and moved on to aggressive. The employee who called said that Reyna clearly didn't want other dogs near her, but the other dogs weren't picking up on that until they go too close. The good thing is that the PetHotel folks are aware of her hip problems and they know her well enough to know that this isn't normal behavior for her. The bad thing is that its a clear sign that Reyna is feeling worse than ever. This afternoon and tomorrow, they're going to have Reyna do individual playtime; just her, Duncan and an employee, no other dogs.

Its a good thing her surgery will happen soon.

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Anonymous said...

Reyna is probably tired of the other dogs and just wants to be with her Duncan until her mama comes home! Hurry home, Mama!!!! :)Mom