Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Life

There’s a wren nest in the back corner of my deck, just under the roof, that’s been used every spring for the last four years. This time, though, I was actually able to snag a few pictures. I had to break out the telephoto lens and stand in a somewhat contorted position to get them, but that’s okay.

Here’s Mom (or Dad) with part of dinner. If you look closely, you can see the babies in the nest. They blend very well.

I realize the bird’s butt isn’t the most attractive thing to see, but the focus of this picture is the four open mouths in the background. For such little things, they sure are loud.

For some strange reason, Duncan has decided that he just has to chase Mom and Dad every time they fly out of the nest. He looks so pleased with himself, I don’t have the heart to fuss at him. And the wrens are more than capable of confusing him. The other day, he was chasing one of them and it flew into the open space on the propane tank, under the lid. Duncan must have looked for that bird for five minutes, never realizing it flew out the other side. Duncan’s even started standing watch on the deck, sitting under the nest and just waiting for someone to fly out. I’ve never seen him this focused on anything before.


Anonymous said...

I love the four open mouths. I'd like it as a screen saver. More great photography and another good story. Mary B.

Anonymous said...

We've got a nest in our carport again this year....haven't seen any little ones yet...but I am looking...:) Mom