Friday, April 03, 2009

Back By Popular Question

Several folks have asked how I’m doing with pulling together the money for Reyna’s surgery. And since I haven’t been shy about sharing that in the past, I certainly can’t consider them nosy for asking. So, to make things simple, I’ve added the fund thermometer back to the blog (along with the donate button, just in case anyone is interested). I’m not as far along as I’d hoped to be by now, courtesy of some unexpected occurrences, but that’s okay. Whatever I still need by May 7, I’ll take as a loan from my 401(k). After all, its not doing anything useful right now, anyway. The nice thing is that my target amount is lower than before, because I know what the cardiology consult cost. I had added more into my initial budget for that than I ended up needing. Not that I’m complaining. Another plus is that the estimate for the hip replacement hasn’t increased since October. I guess the vet school is doing well enough that they don’t need to use the economy as an excuse to raise the price.

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