Thursday, April 30, 2009


After Duncan’s class Saturday, we went over to John’s to get his truck for the afternoon. While we were there, Duncan got to meet Cheyenne, the neighbor’s black lab. I wanted to make sure she and Duncan would be okay together, since Duncan may be playing with her occasionally during Reyna’s rehab. John and I also decided to let Duncan meet the Horses! up close and personal, to see how he behaved around them. He was very interested in the Horses! and really wanted to sniff them, but the Horses! didn’t seem to really appreciate that idea. Thankfully, Duncan realized pretty quickly that a butt sniff was not the best idea for a greeting. Indy was the most interested of the Horses!, and he was fairly tolerant of Duncan. Duncan was very calm around the Horses!, which wasn’t a huge surprise. John and I agreed that Reyna wouldn’t be nearly so relaxed if she got to be in the paddock with the Horses!, so when we introduce her (long after the surgery), she’ll be on leash and I’ll have a very tight grip. I’m not sure Duncan would be so relaxed around the Horses! if they were moving around in the pasture – you never know, he might decide he needed to try and herd them. Some of the pictures below aren’t the best, just because I was so close to Indy – mostly because I wanted to be able to get to Duncan quickly if it looked like things were going downhill.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Duncan made a new friend!!! Good Boy, Duncan!!! :)Mom

John Van said...

Geeze ya coulda cropped my belly out of the pictures!

Indy is the sweetest of the horses but also the most skittish. Michele had me rig up a bug zapper behind the barn last weekend. 24 hours later we had to unplug it cause Indy was too afraid to go into the barn hearing the bugs frying.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a good time. Wish I could have been there. Tee, hee John's belly :-) Mary B.