Tuesday, April 14, 2009

At Least That’s Over

Mary took me shopping Saturday to get the last few things I need for Reyna’s recovery period – blankets and sheets for her crate so she’s comfy, and rugs for the floor so she doesn’t slip. And by “took me shopping,” I mean Mary went with me to ensure that I didn’t just give up after the first store. Which I probably would have done. Well, maybe after the second store. First stop was the Goodwill on 64, where I found a comforter, a couple of sheets, and a spread to protect the floor from the dog crate. Then on to PetSmart to buy kongs and kibble (on sale!), and then to Big Lots for rugs. Unfortunately, that Big Lots didn’t have any decent rugs for reasonable prices (considering my particular needs, of course). So, off we went to the Big Lots on Glenwood, where we spent a considerable amount of time looking at the various rugs and trying to figure out how many and what sizes I’d need. Thankfully, I had the living room and kitchen measurements with me. And I kept my receipt, so if it turns out I bought too many, I can return them. Then it was off to lunch, BJs, and the other Goodwill near my place. I found a couple more comforters and sheets for Reyna’s crate, so she should be set. And if she has an accident, I won’t feel bad about throwing a $3.00 comforter in the trash. So, thanks to Mary, all the shopping is done, and it was relatively painless. As painless as several hours of shopping can be, anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Shopping at Goodwill and Big Lots is a good thing!!!!! :) Mom