Friday, April 10, 2009

Always When I’m Not Watching

Reyna has never been one to roll around on the ground - unlike Duncan, who does it almost daily. She’s rolled maybe five times in her life that I know of. I’m not sure if its because she doesn’t like to be on her back or what. Its certainly not an issue of getting dirty, because she does that on a regular basis. At John’s last Sunday, though, she surprised me by rolling for several minutes. Naturally, since she was doing something unusual, I didn’t notice it until Duncan went over to check it out, and I was sitting down, so I couldn’t get any good pictures. Once I saw what she was doing, I got up and tip-toed my way over, fully expecting her to stop as soon as she realized I was watching her. And that’s pretty much what happened. I did get a few pictures at a distance and from a bad angle, but even bad pictures of such odd behavior are better than no pictures (if you enlarge the pictures by clicking on them, you'll be able to see more than just Duncan's butt and a brown and red blob in the distance).

Going down for the first roll...

Those are her front feet sticking up.

And yes, that’s her head.

Going down for the second roll...

Back foot and tail in the air

And then she just stayed in this position for a while.


Anonymous said...

So she had an itch.....and then she either wanted to "play dead" for Duncan...or she figured if she didn't move then Duncan would go away....or she decided to just rest!!! Good Girl, Reyna!!! :)Mom

John Van said...

I hate to tell ya, but usually they are rolling in a pile of horse manure. In this case since we collect all the manure piles from the field it might have been where the pile had been.

I tried rolling in a pile myself just to see what the fuss was all about. That was the night Michele saw too it that I slept in the bed of the pickup truck.

Isn't that a 1968 Case 450 trackloader in the background in those pictures? Gosh that's pretty...