Monday, May 11, 2009


Here's the picture of Reyna's shiny new bionic hip. If you look closely, you can see that her left hip doesn't fit in its socket anywhere near as nicely as the right hip fits in its new cup.

Her new hip has three sets of wire wrapped around it because of the 35mm crack that happened during the surgery. The surgeon said her bone structure caused the implant to go in at an angle, and the pressure of that caused the crack. I was surprised to discover that the crack happened at the top inside, just above the top wire. The middle wire is at the bottom of the crack. The bottom wire adds a bit more stability. The surgeon did warn that there's still a chance Reyna could crack her femur at the base of the implant, because of the angle of the implant. Its not likely, though, as long as we do as we're told.


Anonymous said...

Just so very glad that Reyna came through her surgery as well as she did!!!! Glad you came through her surgery so well too!!!! Ya'll take care and I love you....Mom

John Van said...

Poor dog is all skin and bones.

JeaneBee said...

Its so hard to watch a beloved pet go through surgery and the following rehibilitation...they're your children, your companion, and the one who welcomes you home at night.

We lost our sweet keeshound to cancer in October and I still grieve for him.

Nana Net said...

WOW, that hip look almost exactly like my left hip that was replaced with Titanium Steel 8 years ago! Talk about scary.... Still though I find it amazing how animals can have the same kind of surgeries that we humans can. Guess that is why we treat them as if they are human beings (our babies) too!