Thursday, May 21, 2009

14 Days

At two weeks post-op, we’re doing much better than I ever thought we would. Reyna’s incision is healing nicely, and she’s not even bothering to lick it anymore. She’s moving easily, and the limp is slowly fading away. I’m amazed every time I realize that she’s limping less now than she did before the surgery. She’s even down to a quarter of the pain killers she was taking before the surgery and showing no indication of pain. It’s like watching a miracle in progress. An expensive miracle, but a miracle nonetheless. Generating even more amazement for me is the fact that she’s still having no problem with the confinement. She still wants to be entertained more than last week, particularly in the evening. And she REALLY wants to get the squirrels that taunt her every day from the safety of the back yard. When I take Reyna out for her potty breaks, she’s definitely eager to go farther and faster than I’ll let her. But then she comes back in and goes straight to one of her beds. She’s not even bothered by hearing all the strange voices over the speaker of my phone (courtesy of all the conference calls I’ve had this week).


Anonymous said...

More KUDO's for Reyna and for Janine!!!!!!:) Love, Mom

Marie said...

Good girl, Reyna!!!