Thursday, May 07, 2009

Surgery Update

Okay, I don’t know who decided I needed to be in meetings all afternoon, today of all days, but that was just silly. Finally, I have a few minutes to post the latest...

I got a call at 1:28 from one of the student on Reyna’s case. Surgery was over, and she was starting to wake up. According to the student, the surgery went well, and the surgeon was happy with the alignment and stability of the implant. They were able to use the cementless implant, which is what we all wanted (lower risk of infection, compared to the cemented implant). The bad news is that they cracked her femur during the implantation process (a known potential issue), so she has three wires wrapped around the bone to keep the crack from turning into a fracture. The good news is that the wires make the bone more stable than it was before the crack, so we shouldn’t have to worry about a post-op fracture. And its much better that they find the crack during the surgery, because if Reyna’d done that after the surgery, she’d be going back in for a follow-up surgery to get wires wrapped around the bone. And I’m just not ready to deal with that.

I should be getting a call later today from the surgeon, and possibly another from a student letting me know that Reyna’s completely awake. They’ll call me in the morning when she’s up and moving around, and as long as she’s starting to bear some weight on that leg and doesn’t seem to be in excessive pain, she’ll be coming home tomorrow afternoon. I’ll post more updates as I get them.

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Nana Net said...

I am so happy to hear that Reyna made it thru her surgery. Though saddened by the fact that they cracked her femur. Yet you said the wires make the bone more stable. So I guess it all worked out for the best. Which is great news! Anyway, still saying my prayers and sending lots of positive energy and thoughts Reyna & your way! I just know she is going to be fine once you get her home! take care and blessings to you all.

Nan Net (Annette)