Friday, May 08, 2009

Reyna’s Home!

Reyna was back home by a little after 4:00 today. She’s moving around extremely well, already putting quite a bit of weight on the surgical leg. Even the surgeon seemed a bit startled by how eagerly and quickly she moved to get into Mary’s car. She’s been pretty relaxed in her crate, occasionally shifting to a new position, but generally just resting. Reyna doesn’t seem bothered by being confined – and I hope that continues. We just took a potty break and had dinner. Surprisingly enough, she meandered around a bit outside, but then came right back in with no urging from me. She took her meds, scarfed down her dinner, and then headed back to her crate. Thankfully, she does not appear to be in a significant amount of pain, although I could tell earlier that she was becoming uncomfortable. The evening meds seem to have already kicked in, which is nice.

Duncan is so happy his Reyna is home that he doesn’t know what to do with himself. He’s been moping since she left Wednesday, and he’s definitely happier now. When I let Reyna out of the crate, Duncan kissed her every time he could get close enough. Until she gave him The Look. That made him back off.

I’ve got some pictures of Reyna in all her shaved glory, and I’ll post those tomorrow.

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