Sunday, May 17, 2009

Easy No More

Looks like the rumors I heard were right – week one is the easy week, and the work starts during week two. Yesterday, Reyna actually got up, left her crate, and walked out the dog door. I was in the back of the house, but Mary was in the living room and alerted me to what was happening. Reyna made it out in to the yard, but didn’t seem too bothered when I got the leash on her. I ended up keeping her shut in her crate most of yesterday, just because she kept trying to get out – the first time she’s made that kind of effort since the surgery. She’s also been getting up more today, even walking into the kitchen while I was fixing her dinner without waiting on me to go and get her.

This morning, I came into the living room to discover that Reyna had managed to remove her cone at some point last night and spent a fair amount of time licking her incision. Thankfully, she kept the licking to a spot that was already pretty well closed up. This was particularly important since she removed several of her stitches in the process. Good thing I’m planning to remove the rest of them tomorrow or Tuesday.

Reyna hasn’t tried to lick too often today, but she has demanded a lot of direct entertainment. She’s spent most of the day making her toys squeak and then methodically ripping them to shreds. I hopped online and ordered more, and I'm sure I'll have to do that again before this is over. She’s napped some, but no where near as much as last week (or even two days ago). I’m sure this is a combination of time and meds – she’s starting to feel better, and I’m lowering the Tramadol dose so she’s not as drugged up. I’m glad she’s feeling better, but I’m a bit concerned about the next few weeks. After all, I’m scheduled to start working a few hours each day tomorrow. Clearly, I should have worked last week and planned to take vacation time this coming week.


Nana Net said...

Hey, gald to hear Reyna is doing so good! Plus that Duncan is being so patient with her & the cats too! As for your vacation time, hey we live & learn as they say. But I am sure she will be Ok. I am just happy for you that everything seems to be going so well. Take care and thanks so much for the great up-dates.

Anonymous said...

Glad Reyna is feeling better.....sorry you have to do double duty starting this week....but such is life!!!! You'll make it....I know you will!!! :)Love, Mom