Friday, May 15, 2009

Little Cat Feet

Reyna’s incision looks like its healing well, but this morning I noticed just a bit oozing at one spot. It looked like it was coming from a hole created by the thread, rather than where the skin was closing. I wasn’t too worried about it, but since it just started today, I figured I’d check with my regular vet to see if I should be concerned. Based on my description and the fact that Reyna’s pretty much left the incision alone, the vet wasn’t concerned. He said that’s part of why he doesn’t like stitches just staying in too long, because they provide more openings for bacteria to enter. Thankfully, the oozing stopped by early afternoon and hasn’t come back. Of course, not long after telling the vet how good Reyna was being about not licking the incision, I walked into the living to find a guilty look on her face. The incision was wet and red, and she’d obviously been licking it the entire time I was out of the room. Figures. As you can see, though, Reyna is clearly not bothered by her current circumstances.

Its been so quiet the last few days that the cats – particularly Belle – have been experimenting with the idea of coming into the living room. When Reyna was at the vet school, I encouraged the cats to come out. After all, Duncan is terrified of them and wouldn’t bother them. Reyna, on the other paw… Well, lets just say that a cat visit is not the way to keep her calm and quiet. Belle came down the hall and was not happy to discover just how close she was to Duncan.

And she was even less happy when Duncan realized she was sitting there.

Thankfully, Reyna was working on a bone and facing the back wall during most of that time, so she didn’t notice Belle. And then something happened, I don’t remember what, and Reyna flipped over and started to get up, aiming for the hall. That was enough to keep Belle on the far side of the baby gate for the rest of the day.


Anonymous said...

Poor Belle. Can't even come out and find out what's going on. Glad the vet wasn't concerned about the oozing and you don't have to stress!!!! :)Mom

Sam K said...

Glad to see Reyna is doing better!

Nana Net said...

Love the pictures. Reyna reminds me of my own Sadie Bella in the one on her backside. :0)