Thursday, May 14, 2009

7 Days Post-Op

Surgery was a week ago, and Reyna’s still doing very well. This basically means she hasn’t started going bonkers yet. She’s still resting most of the day, if not actually sleeping. I have had to start giving her treats to keep her a bit more occupied, but I knew that would happen. She particularly loves the peanut butter kongs, but she was also happy to eat the kangaroo leg bone. Unfortunately, the leg bone didn’t last as long as I’d hoped, but that’s okay. The peanut butter is cheaper, anyway.

The incision is healing nicely, and the stitches will come out next week. Amazingly, Reyna really isn’t interested in licking the incision – and I hope it stays that way. I’m going to start weaning her off the tramadol (pain killers) tonight. Give her half a dose at night for a couple of nights, and then start giving her half a dose in the morning, and see how she does. Of course, since I’m lowering the tramadol, I’ll be raising the trazadone. After all, just because she isn’t hurting, it doesn’t mean she can start being crazy.

Reyna is still moving pretty easily, putting a bit more weight on the surgical leg. She’s still limping, which is normal, but she’s eager to walk around in the back yard. The last couple of days, she’s decided to spend most of her time in her crate – I think it’s at least partially because her squeaky toys are in there.

Duncan’s a bit quieter than usual; I think he’s still missing his sister. He’s tried to play with her outside a time or two, but that just gets him fussed at. He’s decided to handle the protection work, since Reyna’s not quite up to snuff (although she certainly tries). It’s really cute, because he’ll start barking at the kitchen window and then he’ll run to the front door, where he’s immediately stymied. I have tin foil taped to the bottom half of the door so Reyna can’t see people walking or driving by, and Duncan keeps forgetting that he can’t see out, either. But he definitely gets cookies for stepping up to the task.


Anonymous said...

KUDOs to both puppies!!!! And to their mommy too!!!! :) Mom

Nana Net said...

Beautiful pictures you have here. Glad to know she is doing so well! And that Duncan is handling it well too! Plus you too!