Friday, May 21, 2010

Reintegration Is Hard

Yesterday, I moved Parm and Per’la from the dog crates to the catiary. It didn’t go quite as I expected. The other cats refused to enter the catiary, and when I put Khar’pern on the ground, she started hissing at Parm and Per’la. It took Per’la a few hours to figure out the ramp, and Parm didn’t make it into the bedroom until sometime during the night. No one else entered the catiary while they were in there. So far, I haven’t seen any signs of Inappropriate Behaviors, so maybe Parm and Per’la learned their lesson. If not, they’ll end up back in the dog crates. The odd thing is that the other cats all act like Parm and Per’la are total strangers. They’re all hissing and spitting at the other two. Even Mikey, who was practically dating Per’la, is hissing at them both. Now that Parm and Per’la are out of the catiary, the others have decided its acceptable to use again. Khar and Mikey are using it the most, although Mikey runs back into the house when he sees the pups. As far as I know, Belle hasn’t been in it since the first day, and Loki hasn’t been in it at all. With time, maybe. And perches.

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Anonymous said...

You gots strange kittycats there daughter....But then, you already knew that:):):)Love,Mom