Monday, May 24, 2010


Well, we tried. I’d hoped that the time in the crates would show Parm and Per’la the error of their ways. And for a few brief, shining moments, I thought it had. Saturday night, though, I went into my bedroom and discovered that a Certain Someone had engaged in Unacceptable Behavior. ON MY BED. BESIDE. MY. PILLOW. Parm was hiding from me, most likely due to his guilty conscience. Today, I gave Parm one last chance and took him to the vet, just to rule out any type of health problem that might be causing the Unacceptable Behavior. His 18.5 lb butt is perfectly healthy. And so, after we came home, I relocated that butt to the catiary. Since I can’t keep him out of the house while letting the others come and go, Parm is once again residing in a dog crate. This time, though, he’ll be able to have feline company. Per’la is still allowed in the house, but that’s strictly dependent on me not finding any other messes. If I find any sign that she is engaging in the same Unacceptable Behavior, she’ll be sharing the crate with Parm. Forever.

On a side note, I put four perches in the catiary yesterday. Two in the front, one along the back wall (to encourage Loki to come out), and one on the side wall over the ramp. Khar’pern in particular likes the perches, and Mikey has used the two in the front. Mikey has also played with the toy I have hanging from one of the perches. It’s good to see the cats using the catiary.


Anonymous said... about a fast fall from grace!!!Did the vet have any idea why Parm does the Unacceptable Behavior in unacceptable places? Got to really wonder why on the bed...could be said butt is mad at you for some reason!!!:(

:)Love, Mom

Janine said...

The vet's theory is that he's doing it as a way to mark his territory, probably in an attempt to become head of the clowder. Of course, considering who he's up against, he never had a chance of taking control.