Monday, May 17, 2010

Its Useable!

The catiary has finally reached the point where it can actually be used by the cats! John came over Saturday afternoon to put on the roof panels and help me with the chicken wire and screen that I couldn’t do alone (the back wall and the top layer). He also added the decorative strips to the door (I put chicken wire along the bottom half) and re-hung it. All of that took a lot more effort than it sounds.

I still have quite a bit to do, but nothing that would prevent the cats from using the space. I do realize that as long as I’m puttering around with the drill, they won’t go near it, the bums. I need to put the strips along the screen edges (and then paint them), do a few minor things inside and out, put carpet on the ramps and add perches. I started working on that yesterday afternoon, but the storm got in the way. Today’s weather wasn’t good for anything but curling up on the couch with a book and a dog. Hopefully tomorrow’s weather will be better. Especially since my roof has apparently developed a leak over my bathroom…

Here's John attaching the roof panels. John's developed a hate-hate relationship with my poor rosebush, which has done nothing but try to defend itself.

Reyna says she's happy with her new playhouse, and she appreciates all the work we've done on her behalf. Little does she know just how much entertainment this will provide...

John trimming the excess length off the roof panels. I realized after yesterday's storm that we should have left a few more inches on that side to help the rain drain off properly. John says he can fix that.

Poor John had to climb up on the roof in order to attached the back portions of chicken wire and screen. He was not a happy camper. I would like point out, though, that this picture was his idea.

Here is the catiary as of Sunday morning. I think the cats will really like it, once they realize the dogs can't get to them. And if they don't use it by choice, I'll dump them all in there and close the window.


John Van said...

I hate chickenwire... and rosebushes.
Janine made me go up on the roof, twice, in order to stretch the top layer of chickenwire and screening across the back.

I told her not to be taking any pictures of me up there, but she stole the ladder and would not give it back until I agreed.

Anonymous said...

Riiiiight, just blame poor little innocent Janine!!!!! You just wanted to make sure everyone knew who did the hard work!!! Just like a man.
The catiary looks really good, Janine. Hope the cats enjoy it...I'm sure the pups will when they see the cats in it!! :)Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Beautiful roses, by the way !!!!! :)Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

The catiary looks AWESOME. And Reyna certainly tried to clam ownership just proving what a great job you and John did. I look forward to seeing the cats enjoying it. Mary B.