Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another Save

Monday evening, I discovered a leak in my roof - a small area of the ceiling popcorn in my bathroom fell off, exposing wet sheet rock. John came over Tuesday evening to take a look at it and discovered that the seal around the vent pipe was useless, but the damage to the sheet rock appears to be minimal. He applied a bunch of goop around the pipe and must have done an excellent job, because the sheet rock was no wetter after Tuesday night's rain than it was before.

Poor Duncan seemed rather concerned about John climbing around on the roof.

Reyna just wondered when he was going to come down and throw her ball.

Thanks again to my cutie pie farmer neighbor friend for fixing the problem!


John Van said...

cutie pie farmer neighbor friend... :)

Anonymous said...

John is definitely a "jack-of-all-trades". Glad he was able to stop the leak in your roof. :)Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

John is definatly THE MAN! Thanks from a friend of a friend...Mary B.