Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We’re definitely making progress. Sunday, John came over to work on the roof. As usual, we were outside until well past my bedtime. John made some structural changes to the roof frame and cut the roof sheets. He also built the ramp and a platform/box where the cats can rest and I can put food and water bowls. Of course, all of this meant more painting for me. I got the first coat done Monday morning, and then second coat done this morning. This afternoon, I got the roof screened, which means John can come back over and attach the panels. I also got part of the first section of chicken wire attached before I got tired. So, after the roof, the chicken wire, and the screen, the cats can start using the catiary. I’ll still have a few things to do after that (perches, carpet on the ramp, trim boards), but nothing that would prevent the use of the space.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the catiary is coming right along!!!!! Lookin' good! :)Love, Mom