Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Poor Belle picked up a cold a week or so ago. She has a watery eye, a runny nose, and she sneezes a lot, but she’s still eating and drinking, so I’m not too worried. She doesn’t seem particularly lethargic, but then again, she’s a 12½ year old cat, so a certain amount of lethargy is expected. I’ll be watching to make sure she doesn’t get worse, and particularly to make sure she doesn’t stop eating or drinking. There’s not really anything the vet can do for a cold, but if it looks like its turning into something more, she’ll be at the vet’s office before she can sneeze again. My poor little sniffly girl. The other cats are fine, and paws crossed they’ll stay that way.


John Van said...

You should have warned her that all those late nights "catting" at the local bars was likely to expose her to a cold.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Belle would be caught dead in the local bars, much less "catting" in one. She is a "Southern Belle" through and through.....besides, Janine must have left a window open and the "night air" is the culprit!!!:):):) Mom

Janine said...

No, Belle's not one for the bar scene. And its true, several windows in the house are open.