Monday, October 19, 2009

Silly Puppy

I think Reyna may be a “winter limper” from now on. I’ve noticed she’s been limping again with the cold temps we’ve had the last few days. The limp seems to be connected to both the temp and her level of stiffness, so its worse in the mornings than later in the day. I’m inclined to think that some of it is also due to our lack of activity since my wrist surgery, so I’m hoping she’ll improve now that I’m down to just a brace and we can start walking again.

Overall, though, she’s so much better than she was this time last year. I’ve had two clear indications of her improvement – there’s a lot more dust and dirt in my house again (which means she’s playing outside more), and she’s getting in her chair again (which means she’s comfortable both with climbing into it and with curling herself up to fit).

Last night, she gave me yet another indication of her new-found good health. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I know someone flipped her silly switch. I was standing up looking at something when she suddenly popped her head between my legs, holding a big floppy squeaky toy. She spent the next 15 minutes or so dancing and bouncing around, shaking her head with a goofy grin on her face, teasing both me and Duncan, tossing squeaky toys and then her ball in the air. It was the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages, and I really don’t remember the last time she acted like that. I laughed the entire time, and poor Duncan seemed rather bewildered by the sudden spurt in activity, although he was very willing to participate. Its so good to see Reyna playing like this again.


Anonymous said...

So glad Reyna is feeling better...guess she needs to have her "silly switch" flipped every once in a while....maybe she knew you needed a good laugh!!! :)Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I agree with your Mom about you needing the laugh and I laughed just reading about her antics. Bruno was a also seamed to react to the cold last week with stiffness especially when getting up from laying down. Mary B.