Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halfway There

Our PT run went pretty well today (video coming soon). We had a few minor snags, but nothing serious. The sheep started out really light – I had to set Duncan up a second time, because the first time I set him up the sheep took off when I started walking towards them. Once we all got moving together, though, the sheep turned into knee-knockers and almost plowed me into the fence a time or two. We tried to do a hold on the fence at our turn, but the sheep decided they didn’t feel like waiting for that, and they tried to sneak off while my back was turned. Duncan brought them back very nicely, of course. We had a successful hold in the corner, and then one of the sheep decided to make a break for it. Once again, Duncan did an excellent job of bringing the sheep back to me. When we got to the pen, that same sheep didn’t want to stay with the others, and she ended up on the wrong side of the gate, upset because Duncan was (sort of) between her and the pen. Once I moved Duncan, though, she finally went in. The judge said the only problem we had was that I didn’t have the confidence in Duncan that I should – I need to relax more and just let him do his job. I was better about not constantly looking back and forth to see where he was, so thats something. After the run, we (Duncan) received a lot of compliments from the folks watching. And we earned the first of the two legs we need for Duncan’s PT title. On to tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Yippee, we got a leg!!!!!Way to go, Duncan and Janine!!!!That's it, That's it....Just let Duncan do his thing!!! YEEHAA!!! :)Love, Mom