Monday, October 19, 2009


Finally! The splint came off today! The nurse got the splint off and pulled the fishing line out from under the skin with minimal fuss. My fingers are still a bit sore, which the doctor said is mostly likely due to residual swelling, and there’s a bit of a greenish tinge to the back of my hand (and no, that’s not mold, that’s bruising). Doc gave me a brace to wear for two weeks, as a lot of movement at this point might actually cause the cyst to reoccur – something about fluid squishing between the bones. I can handle wearing the brace, though, because it’s a lot smaller and lighter than the splint and I can take it off to wash my hand and shower. I also have to stretch my wrist a few times a day to regain the flexibility. As long as I do that, there shouldn’t be any need for me to go to physical therapy. The first thing I did after leaving the doctor’s office was to pop into the restroom to wash my hand, but they didn’t have any soap in the dispensers, the slackers. I had to wait until I got to the office to give it a good scrubbing, followed by a thorough lathering of lotion. Despite the soreness, my wrist and hand feel better than they have since the morning of the surgery.


John Van said...

I certainly hope that stretching your wrist does not involve the pulling of any fingers.

Anonymous said...

No soap in the restroom at the doc's office......what are they thinking????? Sick, Sick, Sick!
Glad you got the splint off and your hand looks pretty good for having fishing line up under the skin :) Don't let John help you stretch your wrist....he might want you to pull his fingers! :) Love, Mom

John Van said...

I'll have you know, that I'm not proud, I can pull my own fingers if necessary.

My wife caught on to that little gag very early on so I've had to improvise. She on the other hand has no need of finger pulling cause she is flatulent-free, however I've noticed that there is often an offending cat nearby.

Anonymous said...

I won't even ask how you improvise on the finger pulling!!!No pictures please!!!!:)Janine's Mom