Thursday, October 08, 2009

Less Ow

I stayed home yesterday and babied the wrist a bit. The pain meds still weren’t doing a great job, but the frequent naps sure helped. I did get a bit of work done, although its definitely slower typing with just one hand.

I’m back in the office today, as my wrist feels a lot better. There’s only a little swelling of the fingers and some discoloration right at the knuckles. As long as I keep the hand elevated, it does pretty well. If I forget for too long, the throbbing reminds me that I need to get the hand back up. The fingers are all working, and I can do a few things, but there are certainly limitations to the range of motion. I can’t stretch my fingers out to the side at all, and trying to do anything that requires twisting or applying pressure doesn’t feel too great. I was very proud of myself this morning, though – I managed to tie my sneakers all by myself.


Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!!! You tied your sneakers......yaaaaaaa!!!!!! Glad your wrist feels better. Take it easy.....Love you, :) Mom

John Van said...

How's this gonna affect your bowling game?

Janine said...

It'll probably improve it.