Thursday, October 01, 2009

No Eating Sheep!

Tomorrow’s a big day – it’s our first sheep herding trial since July 2008. We’ve got two runs, one in the morning and one sometime after lunch, so we could conceivably earn Duncan’s JHD title. With luck, I’ll find someone willing to take photos and someone else willing to videotape our runs. I’m nervous, but I feel pretty confident about our chances, as long as a few things go our way:

1 – We get some non-spazzy sheep.
2 – Duncan stays off my butt and out of my personal space.
3 – I manage to not confuse Duncan by telling him one thing with my voice and something totally different with my body.
4 – Duncan remembers to not try and eat the sheep (really the most important thing).

Cross your paws for us!


Anonymous said...

Paws are crossed...good luck. Mary B.

Anonymous said...

My paws are crossed for ya'll too. Good Luck. I remember Duncan's sheep herding in July 2008.....ya'll both did really well!!! Ya'll will do really well this time too.....GO DUNCAN!!!! Herd those sheep!!!!! GO JANINE!!!! Have fun!!!!! Love :)Mom

John Van said...

If sheep weren't meant to be eaten they wouldn't taste so good.

Janine said...

I'll grant you the tastiness of sheep. But if Duncan is overcome by his desire for a snack, we'll get tossed out of the trial. So no sheep eating is allowed.