Monday, September 17, 2007

The Homecoming Gift

When I landed at RDU on Wednesday, I had a voicemail from the PetHotel where the pups were boarding, asking me to call as soon as possible, because Reyna had had an accident. Apparently, the poor girl managed to get a toenail on her left rear foot stuck in the drain in the play room. Who knows how she managed to step just right (wrong?) to accomplish that, but she did. Before someone could get to her and get her loose, another dog ran into her. This resulted in a completely ripped out toenail.

The PetHotel people took her over to Banfield to get cleaned up and checked out. They put a bandage around her toes, which she immediately pulled off. They put a second bandage on that covered her foot to an inch or so below the ankle, and she managed to slide that off while we were standing in the waiting area. So, they did a third bandage that wrapped up and over her ankle. That stayed on fine until Friday, when we went to our regular vet.

The vet at Banfield was supposed to call our vet before giving her any meds, and I was told that they had called and confirmed the antibiotics. When I saw out vet Friday, though, he didn’t know a thing about it. We figured out that the Banfield vet had called my vet’s office, but had talked to another vet who didn’t actually know Reyna. That’s about as useful as not calling at all. Next time, I’ll make it clear that they must speak specifically to my vet and not just to anyone in the office.

Wednesday and Thursday, Reyna ran around the house and yard with a sock over her bandage, to help keep the gauze from shredding. Friday, our vet decided it would be okay unwrapped, as long as she leaves it alone. She developed a sore along that foot from the bandage, and she’s been licking, but I can’t always tell if she’s licking the toe or the sore. Or both. I’ll see how she’s done today, since I’ve been gone all day, and decide whether or not she can stay unbandaged, or if she needs a new bandage or maybe just a sock for a bit of protection.

The vet said the toenail should grow back, and most likely will grow straight. But this is Reyna we’re talking about, so who knows...

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