Friday, September 21, 2007

Random Spots Around Oahu

During our various forays around the island, I saw a truly obscene amount of simply gorgeous scenery. Whenever possible, I got Matt to stop so I could get out of the car to take some photos. Other times, though, I just switched to the speed setting of my camera and rolled the car window down. Amazingly, I managed to get some good pictures, even traveling at 55 mph.

On the way to Matt’s place from the airport, we stopped at Bellows Air Force Base for my first dose of sand and water.

The next day, we visited Kualoa Bay, where I could get a view of Mokoli’i, also known as Chinaman’s Hat.

The mountains near the bay also provided an interesting sight. Look at the right side of the mountain, just above the palm trees. Its almost as though the mountain is watching over the various small islands in the bay.

The waves along the North Shore weren’t doing anything spectacular, but the beaches were beautiful. The water varied between blue and green, and was so clear that it was easy to see the bottom.

These are shots of the mountains from the car. The reddish coloration is where a fire burned through forest, damaging trees and exposing the ground.

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