Monday, June 06, 2011

Reyna Update

I took Reyna to the vet today so she could pee in a cup. This was for the follow-up UPC test (30 days since the first one). With luck we'll have the results of the UPC tomorrow and maybe have a slightly better idea of what's going on with her kidneys.

Reyna started having stomach issues again Sunday week ago. The vet sent her a few days of sucralfate, which is what she took during the first bout of stomach troubles a few weeks ago. There's been some improvement but not a lot, and she's certainly not responding to the meds like she did last time. I've emailed the vet with an update on her symptoms, and we'll talk about what to do for her when we talk about the UPC results.


Anonymous said...

I sure do hope the vet can find some meds that will get Reyna better!!!! It's high time and it's past time!!!! Hugs for all of you!!
:)Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Darn, darn, double darn...I very sorry to hear Reyna's not feeling well again so soon after her round of meds. I've got my paws crossed. Mary B.

Bailey Be Good! said...

Found your link on another blog and wanted to stop by to offer some puppy prayers! I hope everything will be alright with Reyna -- she seems like such a nice doggie. :)

Woofs & hugs,