Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another Seizure

Okay, so Duncan actually had a second grand mal seizure while I was typing up the last blog post. Talk about timing... We went to the emergency clinic and ended up leaving with Valium (for him, not me, darn it). If he has another long seizure, the Valium should help stop it so that I can get him to a vet for emergency treatment. I talked with our regular vet after we got home, and he says there's no real point in using the Valium for a "regular" seizure (two or three minutes long). If Duncan starts having a very long seizure or one on top of another, though, I should definitely give him the Valium. The vet also said that he thinks we should hold off on giving Duncan phenobarb until we see if he has another seizure this weekend (and I'm inclined to agree). There's still a possibility that Duncan could just be having a couple of colossally bad days. If there's another seizure, though, we need to seriously think about putting him on regular meds. Doc also said that, for the remainder of the weekend, anything off kilter is to be documented and considered a seizure, even if its just an odd head twitch. Guess who won't be getting a lot of sleep tonight?

Since hysterical and incoherent is not a normal state for me (despite what happened this morning), I kept my normal cool during this afternoon's seizure. It even occurred to me to record it so the vet could see it (no, emergency vet lady, he is not herding sheep or chasing bunnies in his sleep). If you're interested, here it is:

Keep your paws crossed that this is Duncan's last seizure.


Anonymous said...

Poor Duncan and Janine.... as hard as that was for me to watch, I know it was even harder for you!!! I hope ya'll have a quiet rest of the weekend!!
:)Love you, Mom

ForPetsSake said...

Good thinking on recording that. It's helpful to gauge severity& length. Poor Duncan- and you. I,too am hoping you have a quiet, low key, no stress at all weekend!

Steve and Laura said...

Oh Janine, I'm sorry to read your post about Duncan. We've been keeping up with your blog and have enjoying seeing Kodiak grown & all of their progress in training. Duncan holds a special place in our hearts. Hope the video helps the Vets solve his issue. Poor pup :(

Superior Dog Training said...

That was very disturbing, watching was hard, but I know the reality of being there was even harder. I hope you guys made it througn the night without another seizure. Please if there is anything I can do let me know. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

That is awful...I couldn't even watch the whole thing and started to cry. I'll keep reading...Mary B.