Wednesday, June 08, 2011

News From The Vet

Dr. Lapham called last night. The good news is that the UPC showed protein levels are down! They're still high enough to cause some concern, but they're definitely headed in the right direction. We'll check them again in few weeks, but Dr. Lapham is very happy about how far they've dropped. The bad news is that Reyna's still not feeling well, but her symptoms are all over the place. I'm positive she does this to make me crazy. The vet has no good ideas on where to go from here, so we finally decided to keep doing what we're doing and see how she is a week from now (unless there's a significant change in symptoms).


Anonymous said...

Of course, Reyna is doing this to make you crazy.....she's a teenager isn't she!!!
Good luck....Hope Reyna gets better soon!!!!!
:)Love, Mom

German Shepherd Mom said...

Well, she's 7, so she's more middle-aged than teenager....