Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back To The Vet

Turns out all that cautious optimism I was working with last week was pretty useless. Reyna's still having a lot of trouble (with both ends) and our "treat the symptoms" approach isn't doing any good. Well, maybe some good, but not enough to fix the problem. Her meals these days consist of half a cup of kibble, half a cup of rice, and half a cup or so of meat. More than that or any other type of food causes problems. She can't even eat the same stuff that she could eat a couple of months ago. She's also getting pumpkin and yogurt during the day, to try and help the situation.

The vet and I chatted this morning, and we're both concerned about the fact that this has been going on for about six weeks now. If this was a simple matter of letting her innards relax and heal, she should have been showing significant improvement by now. So, we have two choices.

One - we make guesses about what it might be and treat those possibilities. The problems with that include potential side effects from the treatments (and this is Reyna we're talking about, so you know there'll be complications from side effects) and that, since we'd most likely try multiple treatments at once, we really wouldn't know which one was successful (assuming any of them were).

Two - we start testing. The biggest problem there is my bank account. Its very limited these days, which means I have to be extremely selective about what I do. The vet laid out the choices for testing, and I've decided its time Reyna went in for an ultrasound. Its $320 (ouch!), but it'll give us the biggest bang for our buck. The vet may not be able to give me a definitive "this is it" answer after the ultrasound, but he'll at least be able to rule out a whole lot of possibilities. Either way, we should have a much better idea of what's going on after the ultrasound. I'm waiting on the vet's tech to call me back and schedule the appointment. Hopefully, we'll get this done tomorrow or Monday (I vote for tomorrow).


Anna the GSD said...

I hope you find out what's going on soon. I know you're ALL tired of this! Paws crossed and hugs!

Anonymous said...

I hope this ultrasound finds out what is going on with Reyna....she's been sick way longer than she should have been.
Fingers and toes crossed on this end of the state!! Love and hugs to all!!
:)Love, Mom