Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fun Stuff

Time for something a little happier than the last few days....

The boys' certificates from the last APDT trial came in Monday. Duncan officially has his Level 2 title, and his high scores earned him a second Award of Excellence.

And this is Kodiak's certificate for his Puppy level title. He didn't have high enough scores to get an AOE, but I'm still incredibly proud of him.

We've had a rough few days here lately, but I know it was harder on me than it was on the pups. Reyna just had to express her opinion of the whole brouhaha:

I kept trying to talk her into showing off her nekkidness, but this is all she'd give me. Her other side looks much the same. And no, John, we're not going to tattoo her belly.

Its taken a few days, but Duncan finally seems to be his usual self. He's back to his normal levels of clinginess and hind-end wonkiness, and he's even running around in the back yard occasionally. Of course, he still can't so much as scratch an itch without me jumping up to see what he's doing...

Kodiak, of course, is his normal puppy self. I love his tail in this picture.

And this one gives me just a touch of motion sickness...

All in all, everyone is doing pretty well. Or at least back to where they were before the weekend ran us over. Even Belle has gotten over her grudge about me not sleeping with her Saturday night. Now she's just screaming at me for touching her without her permission.


Anonymous said...

I am very glad to hear that whatever was going on with the big dogs has seemed to calm down and back to normal. I'm glad Kodiak provides bright spots in the mayhem. Mary B.

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!!! Back to normal is good...or as back to the normal that's normal for your crowd!!! LOL!!! Hope the weekend coming up is less stressful than the one just passed!!!
:)Love, Mom

Steve and Laura said...

Glad to hear Duncan is doing better and Reyna's ultrasound went well. Maybe she'll be cooler in this hot weather with that shaved belly! Always being on guard for the pups health is exhausting - take care of yourself too!