Thursday, March 31, 2011

Who's Your Daddy?

The results are in! I was really curious about what breeds might be part of Kodiak so I had him take a doggie DNA test a couple of weeks ago. The company I used has 185 breeds on file and they identify breeds down to the 12.5% (great-grandparent) level. For Kodiak, they were able to determine three dominant breeds that make up 62.5% of his DNA (two at 25%, the other at 12.5%). The remaining 37.5% they say is “mixed breed”, meaning there wasn’t anything else at least 12.5%. In fact, they couldn't determine any other breeds at more than 5%. In other words, Kodiak has three breeds that make up more than half his DNA, and the rest is who-knows-what. Its possible that the "mixed" portion could be a breed that they currently can't test for, but its also possible (and probably more likely) that his parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were just really friendly dogs. Before I tell you what he is, any guesses?

Kodiak’s stats:
Approx 9 months old
18.5” at the withers


Anonymous said...

Ok......let's see.....hhhmmmm....shepherd, border collie and matters not love him....and all his heinz 57.....he's Kodiak...
:)Love, Mom

The Aldridge's said...

I am guessing 25% german shepherd, 25% Husky and 12.5% Black Lab. Great looking dog no matter what but thought that this was a neat post. I will be looking forward to seeing what your results were.

The Heartbeats said...

Definitely GSD, maybe some chow and border collie? No matter what, Kodiak is definitely a looker!

Mamma Heartbeat

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing GSD, Chow and Spitz (splg?). May be good to know...we could start a new bred. Oops not with Kodiak it's too late for that - tee, hee. Mary B.

Anna the GSD said...

GSD, collie and chow?? Maybe??

John Van said...

I'm betting that the gene pool for this little guy ain't Olympic sized.