Monday, March 14, 2011


Sunday afternoon, I took the boys over to John's for a visit (Reyna stayed home because she was still tired from Saturday's trip to the hospital). It was Kodiak's first trip to John's, so I knew it would be interesting.

Kodiak got to smell chickens for the first time ever.

And then he discovered a doggy's dream - composting horse manure.

My boys.

Kodiak got to meet Cheyenne, a neighbor's dog. He did fine with her, which wasn't surprising. Cheyenne and Duncan got along, too, right up until Cheyenne jumped on me and Duncan decided he wasn't too happy about that. Right as John told the neighbor that Duncan was a very passive dog, the growling started.

And finally, the main event - introducing Kodiak to the Horses!

Indy's a good Horse! for an initial meet and greet. He doesn't get too worried about dogs in the paddock.

Indy was more than willing to walk Kodiak for us.

Up close and personal.

By this point, Kodiak was comfortable with John, and he wasn't even worried about the Horses!

This is Jack. I think Kodiak was just a smidge more worried about him.

After visiting with the Horses!, we relaxed on the porch for a bit. Kodiak didn't want to climb the stairs at first, but when Michelle pulled up behind him in her car, he decided that maybe those steps weren't such a bad thing, after all. I was very proud of Kodiak - he met several new animals and people, he let John hold him, and he let Michelle and her friend pet him. One of these days, it'll be hard to make people believe he was ever feral.


Anna the GSD said...

Wow!! You met horses?!?! I have never seen one. You were so brave Kodi!! High paw five!!

The Heartbeats said...

AWWW!! Calhoun is a frady cat when it comes to horses! I- on the other hand- LOVE horses!


Anonymous said...

Chickens, and Horses and neighbor dogs, oh my.....and don't forget John!!! You did good, Kodiak, and Duncan still protects his mama!!!!
:)Love, Mom

Blue said...

You were very good with the horses Kodiak, me, I think they are good to chase. She who thinks she must be obeyed gets very cross with me when I chase Imshi and Sara even though Sara WANTS me to chase her.

John Van said...

Jack has been asking about the little black wolf.

Anonymous said...

ATTA BOY! and Janine. He would be no where near what he is today without YOU! Mary B.