Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cranky Colon

The vet thinks Duncan has a cranky colon, but he also thinks we caught the problem before it turned into a pissed off colon. Duncan's on meds for five days to see if that helps the problem. If not, we'll have to reassess. The good news is that the vet didn't find any tumors or other indications of really serious problems. Since Duncan would not demonstrate his primary symptom during the visit, the vet asked for photographic evidence. I managed to get a nice shot this morning. If you're really curious, here it is.

In other vet news, Kodiak went with us yesterday to get microchipped. Southeast German Shepherd Rescue includes a microchip and registration as part of the adoption package, which is great. Kodiak had a little trouble with the doorways, but he did beautifully with the techs. I wasn't sure I was going to see him again, considering all the squealing that I heard when a tech took him into the back... Another tech even asked me where'd I get him and does he have siblings. Kodiak was so full of himself after the visit that he pranced all the way back to the truck.


Anonymous said...

Duncan.....I really do hope you get better very soon....your butt looks gross.....yuck!!!! Poor puppy!!!
As for butt...full of yourself, aren't you?!?!? Good for you!!!!
Love you all!!!!
:)Love, Mom

Blue said...

Get well soon Duncan. Cranky Colons are SO embarrassing.

Anna the GSD said...

That's some major booty issues!!

Hope your booty feels good soon and your Colon turns that frown upside down!!