Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday, Reyna!

Today is my little girl's 7th birthday! Since her birthday falls on a weekday, we had a little celebration this past Sunday. The pups' Aunt Mary joined us for cake and photos.

Reyna was a very patient girl, tolerating her photo shoot with grace, dignity and tongue.

Kodiak, on the other paw, was very curious about the camera. Probably wondered why it wasn't focused on him...

We even managed to get everyone together for a family shot. I think this one turned out very nicely.

Happy birthday, baby girl! You're such an important part of my life, I hope you have many, many more!


Superior Dog Training said...

Great pictures!! Happy Birthday Reyna!

Anonymous said...

Love you!!!!!!!!
:)Love, Grandma
Really nice pics!!!!!!
:)Love, Mom

Amber-Mae said...

MMM that cake looked scrumptious! What frosting is that? Happy 7th Birthday, Reyna!