Friday, October 03, 2008

Duncan The Dancing Dog

Duncan and I did a freestyle demo Wednesday night for the German Shepherd Dog club, along with two other members of our Tailshakers club. It was definitely a success. Duncan and I danced to “Its in His Kiss,” Melissa and Kai showed off a few moves (their CD wouldn’t play), and Mandy and Socks danced to “Yes, Sir, She’s My Baby.” Then we did our team routine, gave a brief lesson on a couple of basic moves, and answered questions. And by popular demand, Mandy and Socks went back on the floor to show off some fancy steps. Duncan performed beautifully, even though we haven’t practiced in over a month. Something about following the scent of hot dogs, I’m sure. But the nice thing about the GSD club is that everyone there knows and loves Duncan, so they would have applauded anything he did. They even laughed and cooed when he flipped over on his back during the business meeting and kicked Deeda in the leg a few times.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Janine and Duncan!!!!!
Love you!!!