Friday, October 24, 2008

When Good Rabbits Go Bad

It seems like the rabbit that the pups had for breakfast one morning about a month ago is coming back to haunt them. Reyna has tapeworms, which dogs can get only from eating fleas. And since neither of the dogs have fleas and they haven’t been hanging out with other dogs, the rabbit is the likely culprit. I was surprised to discover that it can take a month or more between eating the fleas and showing indications of tapeworms. I’ll be picking up meds for Reyna and Duncan from the vet today. Duncan has not shown the same indications of worms, but he has been throwing up every day this week. Then last night and this morning, his poop was, let’s say, unpleasant. The vet thinks Duncan may actually have tapeworms and they’re irritating his intestinal tract. So, both pups get deworming meds today, and Duncan gets to take Pepcid AC for the next few days to see if that settles down his innards. Paws crossed...

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Anonymous said...

Poor Puppies.....Hope they get better soon.....definitely paws crossed!!!! Mom