Monday, October 20, 2008

A Pooped Pup

Sunday, Duncan and I met Marie and Sophie at Lake Johnson for walk. We did about a mile with Marie and Sophie, and after walking them back to their car, Duncan and I set off in the other direction. I had a vague idea of only going a mile or so and then turning back, but we ended up walking the entire loop. According to my pedometer, Duncan and I covered a bit more than four miles. He was acting like he wanted to keep going, although I’d noticed that on the last couple of hills he’d eased back from walking at the end of his leash to walking beside me. Since I didn’t feel like doing another nearly three mile loop, we headed on home. My big, strong boy - who was so ready to keep walking - collapsed when we got home, and spent the next three hours unconscious on his bed.

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Anonymous said...

Poor pooped puppy.......walked his legs off.......Mom