Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Last night before bed, the dogs kept checking out the back fence. They were obviously hearing or smelling something in the woods. Whatever it was, it apparently came back, because Duncan woke me up a few minutes before 1:00, running out the back door. Reyna didn’t bother to join him, but Duncan was rather fierce (i.e., vocal) in his determination to make the intruder go away. What was so funny about it was that his voice cracked twice. Both times he started out barking his loud and deep Big Dog bark, and both time he ended up baying. And both times, he turned into an adolescent male. I really wish I’d had my video camera – nothing to see, but certainly something funny to hear.

Reyna had a rough weekend with her hips, but she was feeling a lot better this morning. She kept teasing Duncan after breakfast with her stuffed hot dog. She didn’t play with Duncan much over the weekend, but I did get a couple of neat pictures Saturday when they played for a minute or so. Notice the stick in Reyna’s mouth…

And here she is, staring obsessively at Niko. Niko didn't seem bothered by her at all, even when she knocked his cage over (I caught that on the video camera, along with me cussing at Reyna...).

Reyna has an appointment at the NCSU Vet School on the 29th. John suggested contacting them for a second opinion. Not sure why that didn’t occur to me, so I’m just going to blame the stress. They’ll look at her old x-rays and do new ones. I don’t really expect them to offer a new or significantly different solution, but I’m hoping they might have more/better statistics they can show me. And since they haven’t been her vet since she was 10 weeks old, they have no emotional investment in her. I wish they could see her sooner, but that was the earliest slot available.

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