Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Gourmet Breakfast

Early this morning, I saw Reyna in the yard crunching on something, and it occurred to me that I might have to fuss at her later about eating acorns. Because they’re not really good for dogs. And then I moved on to dealing with the six furry monsters that kept me awake for several hours before dawn.

Going into the living room, I started our work-day routine by playing Oh-My-God-I’m-So-Happy-You’re-Awake with the dogs, opening the front and back doors, and checking my email. Back in the living room, I was gathering a few items together and happened to glance over at the back porch. Just beyond the door was a little carcass. I assumed it was a bird, since Reyna has brought me a couple of birds over the years. Not that I think she’s ever killed one...its much more likely that they’ve flown into a window or the side of the house and snapped their neck and she decided to take advantage. So, I get my gloves and walk to the back door and realize its not a bird. It’s a rabbit. Sort of. Actually, it was just a rabbit head and part of a front leg. And then I realized Reyna wasn’t crunching on acorns.

After tossing the rabbit head over the fence, I grabbed my shovel and started checking the yard. I found the back legs, still connected to each other but in a position no rabbit would ever enjoy, with just a smidge of fur still on one set of toes. I also found various innards scattered around. The dogs didn’t seem upset with me throwing the remains of their breakfast over the fence, so they were probably done with it. If I’d left it in the yard, they might have worked on it some more, but I was worried they might decide to bring parts inside. And, after all, Reyna does like to bury things in the couch and chair.

Based on the parts I found, it was a pretty big rabbit. I’m betting Reyna’s the one who killed it, because Duncan would probably just try to play with it. But they’d obviously shared the spoils. And I have to admit, I was impressed that there was no damage to the rabbit’s head – other than the fact that it was no longer attached to the rest of its body, of course. For a second, I thought about taking a picture so everyone could share, but you know what? Fluffy groundhogs stuck in fences are cute. Decapitated rabbit heads, not so much.

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Anonymous said...

Glad the pups enjoyed their rabbit breakfast!!!!! And yes, NO PICTURES ARE NECESSARY!!!!! Mom