Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Pooped Pups

Today was a busy day for the pups. First, Kodiak had his CGC-prep class. He did really well, which is good, because the final exam is next week.

After taking him home, Duncan went with me to Zebulon for the pet sitting I'm doing this week. My client has six cats and three chickens (the two dogs went with her). Each cat has its own food and special requirements, so its a bit of a process. Duncan's in love with the cat named Monkey - he loves to sit and lick her. While I was feeding the chickens today, I noticed an interloper in the coop:

And a close up:

If my client wants me to kill the thing, I'll have to borrow her .22. I don't think bug spray would have any impact on that.

After bringing Duncan home, Reyna and I headed off to the bank. She's been very patient about not being the dog going places lately, so I figured she deserved a treat. Thankfully the storm kept her on her best behavior during the ride.

Everyone is now happily snoozing away, and I'm about ready for a nap, myself.


Anonymous said...

Glad the pups each had their own special Mom time!!!!
What the heck was that thing in the chicken coop?????.....Looks like it could possibly carry off a chicken or two by itself!!! Does NC have spiders that big???Looked more like some kind of tropical spider......yick....shudder....
Take care around that thing!!!!!

:)Love, Mom

German Shepherd Mom said...

According to a list of spiders in the northeast, it is a Yellow-and-black Garden Spider (Argiope aurantia). "These are some of the biggest spiders in eastern North America; not including their legs, they can reach one inch in length. As a result, they are also the most familiar outdoor spiders, though far from the most common."