Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Fun At Suzie's

As always, the pups had a great time today at Superior Dog Training.

After doing some nose work, Reyna decided it was time to get down to some serious playing:

When Kodiak's turn came, we decided to work on some agility equipment. He has come so far regarding jumps and tunnels. It wasn't that long ago that I literally had to shove him into a tunnel to get him to go through it. Today, he was taking jumps and going through the tunnel all by himself. He's had brief introductions to the dog walk and teeter-totter, but he hasn't spent much time on them before today. Its a constant surprise to discover what freaks him out and what doesn't - little things can really bother him, but he confidently handles something you'd think would send him into a panic. Go figure.

Here's Kodiak running a short agility course - chute (minus the cloth part), jumps, table, dog walk, tire and tunnel.

Here he is on the same course, but going the other way. You may not realize it, but changing direction changes everything. Just because we know its the same obstacles doesn't mean Kodiak sees them the same way.

And here's Kodiak running a partial course. Its partial because he refuses the teeter-totter at the very end. That wouldn't be so bad, except he spent several minutes going back and forth over the teeter-totter before we had him run the course. Our guess is that he was tired, and when he's tired, he stresses very easily. Maybe next time we'll have him start with the teeter....

Have no fear, Duncan had his turn at training, too. We just didn't take any videos.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had some fun at Superior Dog Training. And Kodiak has really come a long way!!!!
:)Love, Mom