Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back From The Vet School

I called the vet school for an update around 4:45. They were still waiting for the dermatology consult, but figured she'd be ready for pick up around 5:30 or so. We finally got home about 6:30, had dinner, and Reyna is pretty much passed put cold now.

Reyna's ultrasound was mostly normal. Her spleen looked "moth eaten" (which just can't be good) and they found a nodule on it. They took an aspirate of the nodule to determine if its cancerous; we'll find out sometime Wednesday. The kicker is that the spleen was "unremarkable" when she had an ultrasound done on June 27.

Dermatology found a lot of bacteria in the open sore on her belly. Can't say that I'm surprised, considering she's been running around with an open sore on her belly for several weeks. They've put her on 3 weeks of a new antibiotic. Reyna goes back to Dermatology in 2 weeks. If the bacteria has cleared up enough they'll run more tests to try and determine the underlying cause of the recurring masses.

As far as the other tests go, the chest x-ray was clear and the blood panel looked good. They couldn't do a urine/protein test because Reyna wouldn't pee for them, and she apparently took it poorly when they tried to take a sterile sample. Dermatology will try again at her follow-up, just to make sure her kidney levels are back to normal.

So now we wait some more.

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