Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Zoo Fun

Sunday, I went to the NC Zoo with Brian, Marie and Sophie. We had a really nice time. Thankfully, it was a bit overcast in the morning, so it wasn’t very hot until later. We saw the new Lemur Island exhibit, and several of the lemurs were feeling playful. Since we were already on the African side of the zoo, that’s where we stayed. None of us wanted to walk the entire zoo in one day. If we’d tried, I’m not sure who’d have given in first – Sophie or Marie. I was tired enough from the other weekend activities (work and the concert) that I certainly didn’t mind only seeing the one side.

Besides the lemurs, we saw the gorillas, chimps, baboons, a couple of lions and elephants, giraffes, zebras, ostriches, and a very colorful eagle. It was fun to catch up with Brian and Marie, and Sophie was very well-behaved the whole day. Marie said Sophie is usually nice to other folks even when she’s tired and reserves her grumpiness for Mom and Dad at home. I have to admit, I was okay with that.


Sam K said...

What a coincidence. We were at the zoo, too on Sunday. It was definitely a great day for it.

Anonymous said...

Fun at the zoo, too!!!! :)Love, Mom