Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Where'd This Come From?

Monday afternoon, I noticed that my arm was a little bumpy. Yesterday, there seemed to be a few more bumps. Today, I have a full-out rash from shoulder to wrist along the top of my left arm. And a few bumps have shown up on my right arm near the wrist. Its not poison ivy or oak, and it doesn't itch as much as my mosquito bites (thank goodness). But I have no idea what it is. Other than annoying.


John Van said...

Its a pox put on you by that neighbor we annoyed when we kept sawing lumber on the Catiary till 11 PM.

Hope I don't get it...

Anonymous said...

What are you allergic to? If it's not poison ivy or oak (either of which can be gotten at any time of the year) I don't have a clue. What you been rubbing up against? Hope it goes away soon!!!!! :)Love, Mom